Orange Essential Oil

Orange essential oil is a favorite citrus oil which is much loved for its refreshing and uplifting scent. Imagine the lingering scent of fresh-squeezed orange juice or a stroll through an orange grove in full bloom. Just the idea of the fragrance brightens our mood and cleanses our spirit.

Orange is a versatile oil. You can add a drop or two of it to laundry to get a light fruity scent and to really clean stale smells from clothing and other items. Add a drop or two to a beverage for a little oxygenation and vitamin C; the oil is very concentrated and will boost your immune system!

You can even dab a drop or two onto your wrists or throat for a nice fragrance, but don't overdo it. Remember that applying the citrus oils directly to your skin is a DON'T. Always dilute, especially if you are going out into the sunlight. Exposure of direct sunlight to the skin can cause changes in the pigmentation, so always dilute your citrus oils before using them on your skin.

Orange (Citrus aurantium)

Botanical Family:

Extraction: Cold pressed from rind
Properties: Sedative, anti-inflammatory; use for palpitations, scurvy, jaundice, insomnia, cardiacspasm; helps bronchitis, respiratory infections; indigestion; dermatitis, muscle soreness, lowers cholesterol; wrinkles, tissue repair

Uses: Diffuse, apply topically or add to food or drink
Fragrant Influence: Uplifting, works as antidepressant

Aromatherapy blending

Mixes best with:

Cinnamon oil

Clove oil

Cypress oil

Frankincense oil

Geranium oil

Juniper oil

Lavender oil

Nutmeg oil

Rosewood oil

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