Peppermint Essential Oil

peppermint essential oil, peppermint

Peppermint essential oil calls to mind the scent of candy canes and their association with Christmas. Recalling memories through scent is one of the powerful influences of aromatherapy! As well as making a nice addition to a steaming cup of hot chocolate, peppermint has many useful and therapeutic benefits.

Oil of peppermint soothes and calms the liver, so it is excellent for indigestion, gas, intestinal distress, and nausea. Add a drop or two to hot water to make a tea, or just add a drop to a glass of milk. Its aroma is very therapeutic to relieve headaches as well. You can even dab a drop of it on the temples to give yourself an aromatherapy and topical treatment at the same time.

When used as a topical salve or cream, this delightful oil can both cool and warm the skin. When you're feeling chilled, a drop in a warm cup of water can soothe the heat. When you're feeling feverish, this same beverage will cool you off. Same goes for topical application -- dilute two drops to ten drops of a carrier or massage oil and apply directly. Warm or cold, it's a win-win with peppermint!