Rose Essential Oil

rose essential oil, oil of rose, rose

Rose essential oil is one of the most precious of oils as it is very costly to process. It takes some 5,000 pounds of rose petals to produce a single pound of rose oil! That is why this oil is one of the costliest and most precious. If you do not buy pure-grade high quality rose oil, you will probably get a diluted version which includes only a small percentage of it. It is common practice to dilute rose oil with a lighter oil like jojoba because of the very high cost of pure rose oil.

Rose is an excellent skin moisturizer when used in a lotion or carrier oil. Just a few drops in a teaspoon of massage or vegetable oil will do.

Rose is an emotional healer too. Inhaling its aroma helps to ease depression and "the blues." And the visual beauty of the flower in all its stunning varieties is a real treat to the senses too.

Rose (Rosa damascena)

Botanical Family:

Extraction: Two-part steam distillation process from

Properties: Balancing and elevating to mind;
anti-inflammatory; prevents and reduces scarring;
helps relieve wrinkles, heals scar tissue and supports
the skin

Uses: Diffuse or apply topically

Fragrant lnfluence: Helps bring balance and harmony;
uplifting to the emotions, mind and spirit

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