Sage Essential Oil

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Sage essential oil was well-known to the Romans, who used its herbal form extensively, calling it "sacred herb." It is an effective antibacterial oil and was widely used in Europe for hundreds of years to treat dental and skin infections.

Sage also supports the metabolism and may be used in food or drink, in lotions, or aromatically, to stimulate digestion, regulate metabolism, and soothe the discomfort of menopausal symptoms. It has a hormone-like effect in the bloodstream which is why it is such a valuable support to women in all stages of life.

Burning sage herbs is an excellent way to cleanse negative energies from your living or work space. This is called "smudging" and you can purchase sage smudge sticks and burn them to cleanse the air physically and ritually for a new beginning.

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Sage (Salvia officinalis)

Botanical Family:
Lamiaceae or Labiatae

Extraction: Steam distilled from leaves and flowers

Properties: Expectorant; hormone-like, anti-infectious; prevents and reduces scarring; soothes skin; balances and detoxifies body; may be used for sluggish digestion, menstrual irregularity, supports metabolism, chronic bronchitis, glandular disorders; balances estrogen levels; activates nervous system and adrenal cortex and asists with liver-related illnesses; strengthens vital organs of body and helps to balance the pelvic chakra

Uses: Diffuse, apply topically, add a drop to food or drink

Fragrant Influence: Mentally stimulating; helps to cope with fatigue and despair

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Bulk organic herbs, spices and essential oils. Sin