Tarragon Essential Oil

Tarragon essential oil is probably not as well known as its herbal powdered form which is a popular spice for cooking and flavoring. But the oil is much more highly concentrated than the powder used in cooking. You'll be glad to know that tarragon helps with all kinds of digestive distress: it calms stomach cramps, spastic colon, and nausea too.

If you don't cook with tarragon or eat foods prepared with it, you can still reap its many digestive benefits by adding a drop or two of the oil to food or drink. Remember that the oil is very highly concentrated so don't sprinkle it liberally on food as you would the herb! Just a drop or two will do fine.

Tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus)

Botanical Family:
Asteraceae or Compositae

Extraction: Steam distilled from leaves

Properties: Antiseptic, antimicrobial; helps with
colitis, intestinal spasms, parasites, rheumatism,
digestive complaints, nausea, PMS

Uses: Apply topically or add drop to food or drink

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Aromatherapy blending

This essential oil mixes well with:

Clary sage

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