Yarrow Essential Oil

Yarrow essential oil is every woman's best friend. It is very useful for all kinds of gynecological problems, pelvic inflammations, hormonal balancing during menopause, and vaginal infections. It addresses issues pertaining to the prostate, kidney and bladder so men can also benefit from working with this versatile oil.

Yarrow was used to treat the wounded in battle in early Europe and in China the balancing effect of the oil was well known.

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Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

Botanical Family:
Asteraceae or Compositae

Extraction: Steam distilled from flowering top

Properties: Anti-inflammatory, reduces indigestion,
prevents scarring, promotes healing; helps to balance
hormones; helps to decongest the prostate gland; helps
treat acne, poor appetite, bladder or kidney weakness,
menstrual problems, eczema, gastritis, gout, gall bladder,
menopause problems, neuritis, pelvic and urinary infections,
rheumatism, sprains, vaginitis, varicose veins, wounds

Uses: Diffuse or apply topically; dilute with massage
oil and rub into pelvic area, lower back and around abdomen

Fragrant Influence: Balances highs and lows, aids
meditation; helps reduce confusion and ambivalence;
supports intuitive energies

Aromatherapy blending

Yarrow oil mixes well with:

Clary sage
Ylang ylang

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