Ancestral Oil Treatments


My story is mostly about alternative treatments.

Our parents and grandparents grew up using oils and herbs as treatment for many illnesses and diseases and also as solutions to little everyday problems.

Nowadays, we believe that if we buy the most expensive medicine or purchase the latest cream or oil, we are sure to benefit instantly. Sadly, that is not the case and a majority of us will vouch for that. The money and effort is wasted when the desired results are not visible to us.

In my country, people still keep all kinds of herbs in their homes for relief and treatment. For example, nigella seeds are known to protect mankind from 99 different kinds of illnesses, especially arthritis. If a few seeds are taken with water in the morning, it will greatly reduce joint pain.

Similarly, if you have a loose stomach, instead of resorting to pills, try the husk of ispaghol. It’s supposed to be taken with cold water or mixed in plain yogurt. Just two tablespoons and you will immediately stop your trips to the restroom. I have tried it many times myself, and it works!!!!

Interestingly, the same husk has an opposite effect if dissolved in hot water. It relieves constipation!!!No need for laxatives and suppositories, just mix it in hot water, and gulp it down. But, remember to fast, as it thickens at the speed of lightening and then it’s difficult to swallow.

Similarly, oils of many plants are also very handy and beneficial. Rose water is extremely good for the skin. It works like a cleanser and restores your freshness. It can also be used in place of a makeup remover if you are out of it!

My great grandmother used to keep some fragrant oil in a little vase in the corner of a room and its smell used to keep the entire house smelling pleasant. No need for air fresheners and artificial sprays.

Almond oil is known to help hair growth and girls in my family who use it on a regular basis have long, beautiful, healthy hair to prove it!!!

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