Easy Aromatherapy Recipes

Aromatherapy oils make excellent natural home remedies. Free aromatherapy recipes plus more about the healing power of aromatherapy oils. Comprehensive index of botanical names and properties of essential oils.


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Ancestral Oil Treatments

My story is mostly about alternative treatments. Our parents and grandparents grew up using oils and herbs as treatment for many illnesses and diseases

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Contribute To Essential Aromatherapy Oils

Would you like to share your knowledge about aromatherapy oils? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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Aromatherapy Recipes

Easy aromatherapy recipes for your health, pets, home and workplace

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Basil, the Brain Blaster

Easy aromatherapy recipes and helpful tips on how to use essential oils for healthier living

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Easy Aromatherapy Recipes

Easy aromatherapy recipes for your health, home, pet, workplace and sanity

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Essential Links

Alternative health websites and other links

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